3 Simple Words To Change Your Life

The results we see in our lives are always a reflection of our internal state of being. Our circumstances, how much money we have, our fitness levels—all of these—perfectly mirror our mental and emotional states and the actions we take. Three simple yet highly effective words can help change old patterns that are creating our results.

We are all operating with a part of the brain called the RAS, or reticular activating system. The job of the RAS is to seek evidence to support what we already believe. For example, if you believe you’re going to get a new, red Honda; suddenly, your RAS will start to notice all the new, red Hondas. The challenge is that the RAS also makes us blind or asleep to what’s in opposition to our major, dominant belief.

If we believe we can’t do something, it would be in opposition for RAS to be aware of ways or opportunities that would allow us to be successful in that area.

The first step in changing these patterns is to stop telling the old stories about how hard it is or why it never happens for us. I’d like to encourage you to go on an “old story” fast. When you notice you’re starting to tell an old story, stop yourself, and add these three words: up until now; then add an affirmation. If you start to think, “it never works out for me,” stop yourself, and add “up until now,” and then “now, ever increasing success comes to me easily.”

When you interrupt the old story and the old thought pattern with, “up until now,” you’re fooling your unconscious into changing your direction. By inserting a powerful, new belief, you’re signaling the captain of your ship which new direction you’re headed.

Your RAS can then go to work on your behalf to attract the positive results that are in alignment with the new beliefs you’re installing. This process begins to change your story; it changes what you are aware of, how you feel about yourself, and what you attract into your life.

On April Fool’s Day, I challenge you to fool your unconscious by adding “up until now” when you hear yourself telling an old story or saying something that is self-limiting. And then say... “And now I am… and insert an affirmation that will counter your old limiting thought or story.

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