Are You Feeling Stuck?

Are you feeling stuck? | Cyn Hannah

Are You Feeling Stuck?

Bold courageous moves toward our dreams are great.  We want to be making these moves as often as we can, but there are times when the bold moves feel like too much. It often feels like it must be all or nothing, and so we choose nothing. There is another way.  Our goal is to be moving forward and celebrating our wins along the way – even the small wins.

When you are feeling stuck or paralyzed, ask yourself...

“What is the smallest action I can take, right now, that will move me toward my dream?”

Taking one big step may be overwhelming. It may be too much to believe we can achieve.

In times like these, ask “what is the smallest step I can take right now?” If that still feels too big, then ask “is this the smallest step?”

Take that step and then celebrate it.

Our beliefs about what we can achieve need to change if we are to achieve a new level of success. Shift your focus from the desired end result, to taking that one small step.  We don’t need to know every step necessary to get us to our end result. We only need to know - and take - that next step. We can drive across country at night even though our headlights only illuminate the road 50 yards ahead of us. We don’t need to see our destination, we only need to know that we are headed in the right direction, 50 yards at a time.

We all have positive beliefs about ourselves, but disbelief can surface when we think really big.  We can grow our beliefs by starting small.  We want to push our comfort zone but often we must begin the process more gently.  Confidence and faith will grow as your results grow.

If we take small steps, consistently, we will reach our goals.

What belief do you need to shift to allow more success in your life?

Look for proof from the past – even small examples...

When did it all go well?  Remember the time you did get the client on the first call, or you did close the big deal, or you did lose weight. There’s the proof – it can happen again.

Put your attention on that evidence.

Small steps and small results will create momentum resulting in motivation which will create a shift for you.

String these small successes together and you will have lasting success –stretching your container. This will transform your limiting beliefs to supportive beliefs.

As my mentor, Mary Morrissey says,

“Baby steps will get you all the way up Mt. Everest.”

What baby steps will you take today?

Your partner in believing,


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