Are You Living a Condition Based Life or a Vision Driven Life?

Are you living a condition based life or a vision driven life? A condition based life is when we look at the circumstances or the world around us to determine if, when or how we can do something. Most of us have been trained to live life this way. Our calendars tell us if we have enough time. Our bank balance decides if we can afford something. We look to other people's opinions or past results.

When we do this, we are making decisions and choices based on the current conditions and circumstances that are going on around us. This is one way to create results. However, with condition based living, we often perpetuate the same experiences over and over again. We may make incremental improvement, but we don’t make lasting quantum leaps.

Reaching your goals in 2021 will require you to think differently, act differently, and reprogram yourself to be in alignment with your dreams.

In other words, you will need to install within you a new operating system. The way we install our new operating system is to move towards vision based thinking. Vision based thinking is a faster, more effective and more fun way to create the results we desire.

Vision based thinking starts with a crystal clear vision of where we want to go. (Attend the Three Keys To Creating Success in 2021 on Saturday, January 23 if you want help with this!)  Once you have a clear vision in place, you can focus on your vision rather than your circumstances.

And it’s then that the magic begins to happen....

Let me give you some examples of how to shift your thinking:

  • When we look at our calendars and decide "I don't have the time," we don’t take the actions that will move us towards our vision. Instead, we need to reprogram ourselves to say, "I make time for the things that are important to me." Feel how that shifts your energy and opens your mind to new ideas that will lead to different action.
  • When we look to our bank account and say, "I don't have the money for that," we are allowing money to determine what's possible. Instead, ask yourself, "What would I love here?" "What if I believed it were possible?" "What's a step I can take?" Again, this shift allows us to see new ideas and different opportunities because we are more in tune with what’s possible.
  • Similarly, thoughts such as, “What will other people think?" also stunt our growth. A vision based response might be, "I'm the ultimate authority on my life." Notice how this reclaims our power.

If you would like 2021 to be your best year, start living a vision driven life. You can learn how to do this at my FREE Zoom Workshop on Saturday January 23 9am-12pm PT:  Three Essential Keys To Creating Success In 2021.  

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