Are You Manifesting Your Dream Life?

I began studying manifestation many years before I dreamed of being a transformational coach. In fact, it was when I began to truly understand how manifestation works that my real coaching journey began.

The first important thing I learned about manifestation is that we all have the power to manifest what we would love. If we obey the invisible laws that govern the Universe, anything is possible. Manifestation takes effort, but it can also be easy. We can’t manifest by sitting on our couch and visualizing. Visualization is an important part to manifesting our dream, but it’s not the whole story.

I have manifested many wonderful things into my life. Two things come to mind that at different times were important for me to manifest. One was a life partner. I wanted to be married; to have someone I could share my life with at a deep level. When I was single, I lived in a small town and the selection of single men didn’t seem great. I kept telling myself that I just needed one good man. I worked with the invisible laws, and I am now married to the love of my life.

One law that we learn early in life is the law of gravity. We work with this law every day. We never expect gravity to work any differently than it always has. If we want to go to the ground floor from a third story, we don’t think, I’ll jump out the window to get there faster. We know how gravity works, we respect it, and we take the stairs or an elevator every single time.

The Universe works with the same precision as gravity. Once you learn the invisible laws, you can create the results you want.

Have you ever known something was going to work out the way you wanted... when you just knew you would achieve your desired outcome? Because of your confidence, you kept moving forward toward your goal. You didn’t let anything stop you. At that time, you may have been working with the laws as an “unconscious competent.” This is when we aren’t consciously or intentionally doing things in a certain way. We are following the invisible laws, but we aren’t aware that we are. When we become a “conscious competent,” we are working with the laws intentionally, and we can achieve our goals more consistently and with greater ease.

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