Promise #6: Be Like the Sunflower

Sunflowers are fascinating flowers that look toward the sun when it rises and follow it across the sky until it sets. Research shows that sunflowers follow the sun to get warm, and in turn, that warmth attracts the insects they need to thrive.


The next promise in Christian D. Larson’s "The Optimist Creed," "To look at the sunny side of everything and make your optimism come true," reminds me of the sunflower following the sun. When we look for the sunny side of a situation, we become attractors of things that will help us thrive.


What if... no matter what is going on in our lives—even the stuff we don’t like—we ask the question:  What is the sunny side of this?  What good could be coming from this?


It’s in these difficult moments, the times when life isn’t going as we want—the times that don’t feel at all sunny—that we MUST look towards the light and keep our attention on our vision of the life we’d love to be living; and then we need to continue to take action steps towards it.


Author Genevieve Behrend in Your Invisible Power, shared how she would tell herself, “I decline to be discouraged.”  I love this statement.  When we tell ourselves that we decline to be discouraged, say it with conviction, and then ask, “If I thought it were possible, what would I do?”  Taking that action step from the energy of it’s possible, can help keep us on the sunny side.

Each morning when you get up, set the intention that it’s a good day and then live into it.  As you train yourself to look at the sunny side of everything, see how your attitude changes, and then notice your results. Remember, where we put our attention expands

What are you focusing on today: what’s going right or what’s going wrong? YOU get to decide.

Here's to living a life you love,


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