Inspiration For Living Your Dream

The Emotional Wave of the Holidays

This has been a very different year. Covid has impacted our lives in ways none of us could have imagined. Now that the holidays are here, we won't be going to ...
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What To Do When You’re Procrastinating

Why do we often avoid doing the things that we know will have the greatest impact in helping us grow? We make decisions, we plan, we even put action steps ...
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Three Steps To Keep You Focused

How often do you have days when you have so much to do but it feels like you've accomplished nothing at all? We all know those times when the hours ...
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Are Your Excuses Winning?

We all have our reasons and excuses why we don't take action steps.  Often the first thing that comes to mind after we think of a new idea is why ...
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What are you focusing on - Cyn Hannah

What Are You Focusing On?

The number one skill I teach, and the one that brings your dream into reality the fastest, is to notice what you're noticing.  By this I mean, to pay attention ...
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How to avoid comparison despair - Cyn Hannah

How to Avoid Comparison Despair

Have you ever had the experience where you're having a good day and then you hear about someone else's success and your whole mood changes?  You start to think about ...
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How To Practice Forgiveness - Cyn Hannah

How to Practice Forgiveness

We often hold on to grudges or have resentment towards another person thinking its justified.  It may be justified.  But did you know that it's only hurting you when you ...
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Glean The Gold

Soon it will be 2019!!!!.  Before we close out 2018 let’s take a look at our past year to glean the gold. Often times we tend to remember the things ...
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Can’t believe your dream can come true?

We’ve been told its helpful to write a vision for a life we’d  love.  We may have written a vision but we’re having a hard time believing it can actually ...
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What if it could be easy?

Recently, my wonderful husband and I were in Italy on a week-long bicycle trip.  We dreamed up vacations where we could travel through Europe and be active.  This was our ...
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