Can’t believe your dream can come true?

We’ve been told its helpful to write a vision for a life we’d  love.  We may have written a vision but we’re having a hard time believing it can actually happen.  Has there been an idea you’ve thought about for years?  Is there a feeling that something is missing in your life?. Maybe you’re longing for more passion, purpose or success in your life.  These are signs from life indicating it’s time to make some changes.  We need to believe those changes are possible to stay motivated.

How do we start to believe that we can actually live a life we’d love?  One that we would say, “I love my life!”

Here are three steps that will help you on your way.

  1. Write a vision for the life you’d love to be living and read it every day. If you’re not sure what that would be, ask yourself, “what would I love?”  That’s the only question you need to ask.  Not, what do I think I can do?  Pay attention to your longings and discontents.  These are signs where in your life you want things to be different.
    Include details in your vision that makes it come alive. The more you relate to your vision the more real it will become to your conscious and unconscious mind.  Soon ideas about how to start this new life will surface.
  2. Have a partner in believing.  Someone whose faith in your vision you can trust.  You believe in their belief in your dream.  Someone who knows that you are capable of far more than you know yourself to be.

The problem is we often share our dreams with those who can only hear them through their limiting beliefs.  They will tell us all the practical reasons why our dream won’t come true.  Why we shouldn’t risk it.


  1. Start to take action steps in the direction of your dream.  Start right where you are with what you have.  There is always something we can do.  Ask yourself, “if I thought it were possible what would I do?”  Then take that action step. Your action will motivate you to take more steps.  It will also signals the Universe that you are serious. From this, ideas and opportunities will show up that will move you forward. The Universe will only show as much interest in your dream as you do.  As you begin to take action you start to believe your dream is possible.  You just need to keep taking baby steps and you’ll get there.


It’s not always easy to keep the mind set that your dream is possible.  This is why we all need support - someone that can help you stay motivated and know that you can have your dream.


What’s a step you can take today that will move your dream forward?   The first step is to write a  vision for your life.

Live your dream,


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