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Wednesday, June 22, 5:30pm – 6:45pm PT

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How to Find True Love Masterclass

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Meeting ID: 829 9988 9493

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Please share this link: https://www.cynhannah.com/love/
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Would you love to have true love in your life?

Have you longed to be in a lasting romantic relationship or to be married?

Are you tired of dating the same person over and over, they just have a different name and face?

Do you have a good life but want to share it with someone special?

Do you ever wonder if it can happen for you?

Would you love for your marriage to have the sizzle back or have it for the first time?


If you said yes to any of these -- or perhaps it's something else but you have a deep desire to attract in your “person” -- then you won’t want to miss my FREE How To Find True Love Masterclass.

This is for you if you’ve tried everything you know and you're still single or dating people you know aren’t the one, or If you’d love to deepen the love connection you have in your current relationship. I've got an powerful 75 minutes planned for you.

In this masterclass, you’ll learn:

~ Four steps to bring in the partner you desire. I will share how I used these steps to attract in my husband.

~ What most people are doing that repels the very things they want.

~ The essential key that if you miss this, it won’t happen.

For those of you who attend live, are on time and stay until the end, I will have a special gift for you. I created a meditation for attracting your beloved.