Do You Want To See Her?

I want to share an excerpt from The Alter Ego Effect by Todd Herman.

Robert Stein recounted this story after spending a day with Marilyn Monroe in 1955 when their publication wanted to capture the non-Hollywood version of Marilyn.

She wrapped herself in a camel’s hair coat, subdued her famous bouncy curls, and along with a photographer, the trio walked through Grand Central Terminal and down to the subway.

Nobody paid any attention to her.

Even while the photographer snapped photos of her hanging on to the strap dangling from the subway car, she went unnoticed.

She was just Norma Jean, another passenger on the subway.

When the photoshoot was over, they left the subway and came back up onto the street, Robert recounted, "She turned to us and said, 'Do you want to see her?' Then she proceeded to take off her coat, fluff up her hair, arch her back and strike a pose. Throngs of people swarmed her immediately."

I love that story because it reminds us that it’s always about our energy – who we are being in each and every moment.  Are we being the person who is moving towards our dream with passion and purpose or are we just getting through our day?

We get to decide – will we be our powerful authentic self or not? What we decide will affect our results.

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