Is Your Dream Right for You?

The first place our dream life starts is in our imagination. We dream this life by asking, “What would I love?”  Asking this question connects us to our life force. Our life force is the part in us that gets excited and knows this is what we are meant to do. Our life force or energy will never lie to us.

Asking “What would I love?” will also take us out of condition-based thinking.  Condition based thinking is looking to external factors to tell us what we can do, be or have.  We look to the economy to tell us if it’s a good time to_____, we think we’re too old or young to _____ or we listen to other’s opinions about what is possible.

Once we are clear on what our ideal life would look and feel like, we want to be sure it’s the right dream for us.

Most of us will ask, “Am I worthy of my dream?”  The question to ask is,  “Is my dream worthy of me?”

Here is a five question test to determine of you rdream is right for you.

To test your dream, “imaginally” and emotionally step into your dream life - from that place - ask the following questions:

1.Does my dream give me more LIFE? If I were living this life would I feel more alive and excited?

2. Does my dream align with my CORE VALUES?
Don’t confuse your core values with their core beliefs.  Your core beliefs may have been handed down to you from your parents and they may not be true. Your core values are when you lay you head down on your pillow for the last time and you look back at your life, what was important to you?  Was it spending time with your family or those you care about?  Was it being healthy to enjoy all the activities that life offers?  Was it having the financial freedom to travel and do what you wanted?
Your dream will not ask you to compromise on your core values.  If family is a core value, then your dream won’t be to be to travel extensively without them.

3. Will my dream cause me to grow?  Will you need to step outside of your comfort zone to achieve this life?  It’s who you be become while achieving your dream that is the real achievement and gift. 

4. Does my dream require a power bigger than me to achieve? If you know every step of how to get there, then it’s a goal not a dream. It may be a worthy goal but it’s not big enough.  A dream is something you have no idea how you will achieve it.

Is there good in my dream for others? Often there is more benefit in your dream for others than you can initially see. You may think there is only good for you if your dream is to be in a relationship with the love of your life.  When others are in the presence of true love it is a gift for all involved.

Your goal is to be able to answer YES to all of these questions. If so, then your dream is big enough and it’s the right dream for you.

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