Memory: Your Fifth Mental Faculty


This next gift or mental faculty is one that you use almost every day of your life – your Memory.

We all know what our memory is, it’s the faculty by which the mind stores and remembers information. But did you know that our memory works in two directions? Our memory can help us bring our dream into reality when we create a memory going forward. We can also stop reacting to situations when we start to use our future memory.

You may be thinking, what? Has Cyn gone crazy?

I have not, let me explain.

“It’s a pretty poor memory that only works in one direction.” The Queen in Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass

Future memory is the capacity to use your imagination to form a picture of your dream and then remember what if feels like to live that life.

You can form a picture of any outcome you’d like to be experiencing in any area of your life.

For example, you have an important upcoming business meeting, create an image in your mind that would represent the outcome you’d like to experience. How do you feel? Proud, accomplished, relaxed? Then cause yourself to feel those emotions before entering the meeting. Now when you walk into the meeting the tenor of your voice will be stronger, you may stand a little taller. When you are feeling a calm confidence and successful different ideas are going to come to you that are in alignment with your feeling tone and the future memory you created. This will affect the outcome.

We can use our future memory in our personal lives too.

If there is a discussion you want to have with someone, picture the outcome you’d like. Again, cause yourself to feel those feeling going into the conversation. In your imagination you may have felt love and connected after the talk. Feel that now as you start the conversation. Their unconscious will read your energy and it will affect their response.

This is what star athletes do and it has been shown to improve their results. They create a future memory for an upcoming competition. They imagine themselves running the winning race and standing on the podium and receiving gold. They are creating a future memory and it works.

When we look back over our day there will be moments when we wish we had shown up differently. We wish we had responded and not reacted out of our emotions. Use your mental faculty of memory to imagine the way you would have liked to have responded in that moment.

Neville Goddard calls this “the pruning shears of revision.”

You are creating a memory which will make it more likely that next time a similar situation arises you will respond and not react.

It takes discipline to train our minds to use our future memory to serve our dream, but once you tap into it's power, you will never think of memory in quite the same way again.

How will you start to use your future memory today?

Live your dream,


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