Promise #2: The Making of an Optimist

Our voice is a powerful tool that has the ability to influence and transform the world around us. When we embrace this responsibility with intention, we can make a huge impact on our own life and in the lives of others.

The second promise of Christian D. Larson’s The Optimist Creed invites you “to talk health, happiness, and prosperity to every person you meet.”

By sharing positivity and optimism with everyone we encounter, we not only lift others up, but we also lift ourself up because we are conditioning our mind to be a receptor for the very things we are proclaiming.

Remember that your thinking becomes your actions, but it also works the other way around. Your words and your actions influence what you think, and by radiating the intention of positivity, we can create a ripple effect of optimism and make the world a better place.

Click below to watch my video on the making of an optimist.

To the power of optimism,


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