The Power of Gratitude

The power of gratitude | Cyn Hannah

The Power of Gratitude

We’ve all heard about gratitude.  To have an attitude of gratitude.  It’s almost cliché. Don’t let that cause you to dismiss the power of gratitude.

What are you grateful for in your life? I’m guessing you have a lot for which to be grateful.  I’d like to invite you to bring to mind one thing you are grateful for and in this moment allow yourself to feel the full appreciation for it.  It could be your health, your children, money whatever it may be, generate gratitude for it right now. How does that feel?

Gratitude elevates our frequency.

Our frequency is what you might think of as your mood or your attitude. This is the power of gratitude.

If you’re thinking, “I don’t have anything to be grateful for”. Ask yourself, “If I did have something to be grateful for, what would it be?”  You can also start with the basics; “I’m grateful that I can see, that I can hear, that I can walk”, because not everyone can.

Gratitude is the frequency that is the most harmonious with abundance.

Wallace Wattles, in the Science of Getting Rich, talks about how gratitude connects us with the source of all that there is and from this place comes our most creative ideas.

Gratitude creates a feeling of expectation.

When we are expecting something to happen we are then more open to ideas that will help us reach our goal.

When we are focused on what we’re grateful for it’s hard to also be feeling, lack, fear, frustration, or even sadness.  Where we put our attention expands.

The next time you’re feeling disappointed, as though “…it’s never going to happen…” or whatever the contractive emotion or thought might be, cause yourself to feel gratitude.  It may take a little practice but it’s worth the effort.    

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