The Power of Intuition

Albert Einstein said, “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the intelligent mind is a faithful servant.”

How often do we let the servant dictate our decisions, which, in turn, creates our lives? For many of us, it is too often.

The life we would love to be living often lies on the other side of logic and practicality—which comes from our intellect. When we develop our intuition, it opens the door to everything we need to create our dream life.

Our Intuition is our non-linear intelligence system. It gives us the ability to know things in ways that our logical, rational mind cannot. Intuition enables our conscious mind to receive messages from our subconscious—which is connected to infinite intelligence.

Infinite intelligence knows all the answers. There can’t be a question without there being an answer; and there can’t be a problem without there being a solution. Trust that this is true.

Our intuition is a mental tool that enables us to plug into and communicate with infinite intelligence. That’s where your “gut feeling” comes from. That’s where those hunches come from.

Our intuition gives us the ability to pick up on a person’s mood and feelings and helps us make good decisions. We just need to be still and listen to it.

We want to be learning to pay attention to our intuition. As we practice, the voice of Intuition will be much easier to hear. Over time, it gets louder and clearer. The process is like getting to know a new friend. We get interested in them and learn more about them; then at some point, when they call on the phone, we know their voice. We don’t ask who is calling, we just say hi.

Our intuition is Spirit talking to us. It’s often said that prayer is when we sit down and talk to God. Well, Intuition is when God sits down and talks to us. The problem is, when we ask a question, we aren’t always able to receive the information. The message can be right there, but we’re not interpreting it.

I owned a firm that recruited high tech employees for the software industry in Silicon Valley at a time when venture capitalists stopped giving money to startups. I had already been ready for a change, and when the business seemingly dried up overnight, I thought, “Now is the time to make the change.”

I asked myself, “What would I love to do next?” (I didn’t realize then that I was implementing tools I would later be teaching.) I noticed that I kept seeing real estate signs everywhere. The real estate market was on fire, and I’d see those signs and think... “I wish I hadn’t let my real estate license expire.” I had been an agent previously.

The real estate signs kept speaking to me, but I was unable to translate them. Finally, I realized real estate was a great option for me and I could get my license again. But it took me awhile to understand that the answer had been given to me: I was being given a literal sign.

How can we tell if it’s our intuition or our fear talking to us?

Fear feels different than intuition. Fear is accompanied by anxiety or a frenetic energy. Our intuition—which is connected to the infinite side of our nature—is not bound by time or the feeling that you might miss out. Nor does it bring the feeling that you could get hurt or die. In fact, it doesn’t worry about anything. Our intuition is never shaming, rushed, or fearful. It feels calm.

One way to discover if we are experiencing fear or intuition is to ask the question: What would I love? If I already knew that everything would work out, would I take this step?

A larger part of us might say, “Yes, I would love this!” But, if there is a part of us that says, “No or wait,” we can ask the infinite for more information: “Tell me or show me more.”

As we develop a relationship with this part of us, we will be shown more information. I like to put a time frame on my questions. For energy to move, it requires a structure.

Our vision is a structure, calendars are a structure. I often set the structure of 24 hours: “Give me a clear sign that I will understand in 24 hours...” and then I ask my question.

Infinite speaks to us in unique ways that we uniquely understand.

A few ways you can start to hear your intuition:

  • Ask your intuition: “What is it I am to know today?” Then pay attention throughout the day to what comes to you.
  • Journal: By writing your thoughts down, you are giving them attention. This opens a gateway for Intuition to speak to you. Try not to focus on how to write—just write what comes to you. The most important thing is to do so regularly.
  • When you get a hunch or gut feeling about something, trust yourself. Stay connected to your inner voice or gut feelings. Answer your inner voice when it speaks to you.
  • When you are faced with a relatively minor decision, give yourself a time limit that you are comfortable with to make the decision. This will allow you to trust your “gut” rather than analyzing pros and cons and spending more time than is needed to make an informed decision. Trust that your intuition will never lie to you.
  • You can also develop your intuition through meditation. Take time to get quiet so you can hear your still, small voice.

Everyone possesses the extraordinary gift of Intuition. The degree to which you can effectively utilize your intuition as a practical life tool depends entirely on your willingness to trust, pay attention, and listen.

Here's to listening to your still, small voice,


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