The Tortoise or the Hare?

Are you the tortoise or the hare?

Some people are the hare: they sprint in life. They're the ones who work 12 hours a day, or do that strict, crazy diet. No matter what it is, when they start something new, they are all in. But can they keep that pace up?

Others of us, are the tortoise. We are slow and steady.

I have taken three bike trips in Europe. My husband and I have cycled in Southern Italy, France, and Croatia. Next week, we will be going to Tuscany, Italy, for our fourth bike trip. On these trips, I am always the slowest cyclist... I pull into lunch last, I am the last one riding at the end of the day.

I have often been teased about coming in last. I used to be a little embarrassed at my slowness, but then I realized I am slow, but steady, and I have stamina. I pedal a lot longer than everyone else and I don’t stop to rest. I just keep going at my steady pace. Others may take rest stops along the way, and they still beat me to the destination.

When I reframed this for myself, I felt differently about my pace and coming in last every day. I felt proud of myself because I have stamina.

Is there an area in your life where you are slow and steady, but win the race, so to speak? Is there an area in your life where if you reframe how you view it, you will say, "Good work, I have stamina!" to yourself; instead of beating yourself up in some form?

Consistency is the key to getting ahead. If you're the hare, taking a break from being the hare might allow you to avoid burnout. If you want to begin a workout regimen, perhaps it's best to work out three days a week and walk on the other days. Consistency adds up. If you think you've got to go for it and work out two hours a day, how long will that last?

If you start with a few healthy eating habits, ones you can sustain, the benefits will add up. If every day, you take one action step that will move your business forward--even those steps you may not want to take--the results will add up.

If you change your direction by one degree, and go far enough, you will end up in a completely different place than where you were once headed.

How can you change your habits by one degree each day? If you are the tortoise and stay consistent with your new habits, you can create lasting change.

If you say, “but I am the hare,” then be a hare. But before you reach burnout, revert back to being a consistent tortoise.

And when you become bored with being slow and steady, be the hare.... just don’t let yourself go so fast and furious that you stop what is working all together. Know when it's time to revert back to being the tortoise.

Whether you’re the hare or the tortoise... enjoy the journey!

Here's to your dream,


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