The Three Ways to Give

3 Ways to Give: How to Activate the Law of Receiving

It’s the season of giving and a time to share laughter and cheer with those we love.  Did you know there are three ways to give?  But only one of these ways will activate the law of receiving. 

The first way to give is to give to get.  This is just how it sounds.  When we give something, expecting to get something in return, our gift is not a real gift.

The second way to give is with strings attached.  A gift with the intention of “I’ll give you this in return for that” is simply an unexpressed contract. This is also not a true gift.

The final way is give to live.  When you give to live, you must be in the right mindset to give. This comes from having an abundant and generous energy. You give not for what you will get, but for the giving itself. This kind of giving will activate the law of receiving.

We are the receiver of every gift we give energetically.  When we are feeling generous and abundant as we give, we become a match for more abundance to come into our life.  We have created a flow of good.

The other side of giving is receiving. When we are good receivers, we allow others to experience the true gift that giving has to offer.

This holiday season and in the new year... give to live!

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 Wishing you a happy holiday and your best new year yet!

Much love,

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