Want to be more successful?

Want to be more successful? | Cyn Hannah

Want to be more successful?

Would you be willing to live at a higher level of success?

Your knee jerk reaction might be yes.  But when you really ask yourself that question, notice what comes up.  Your thought might be “yes”, but it would be a lot of hard work.

What comes up are your limiting beliefs.   These beliefs will keep you from achieving the results you want.

If you want to know the real answer to this question, then look at your vision. Have you watered it down? Do you love all areas of your vision?  Have you even dared to dream and written a vision? That is a reflection of how much good we can even consider for ourselves.

We live in an abundant Universe. But we need to be on the frequency of abundance to see it.  If you are looking for all the reasons why you can’t do something, that is what you will see.

We want to put our attention on the evidence that we can have success in all areas of our lives.

There will always be evidence to support both sides - that we can or we can’t accomplish our goals. When you put your attention on the evidence that you can create this level of success then you will start to see the opportunities and ways to make it happen.

Where you put your attention expands and causes those areas to grow.  I can’t stress the importance of this enough.

At first the evidence may seem small. Someone returned your phone call, you signed up the new client or you generated $100 more this month.  Keep putting your attention on those signs while generating the feeling of success and continuing to take action steps and watch the magic happen.

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