What are you creating?

What are you creating? | Cyn Hannah

What are you creating?

We are creative beings we carry our creative gift with us all of the time... it’s our thinking.

Everything is created twice. We all know this but we don’t realize the power of it.

Everything ever created must first be a thought before it can ever become a thing. There was the first person to think it would be nice not to eat sitting in the dirt and designed a table. First they had to have the thought or idea.  

Everything is first created in our thoughts.

We use this creative ability all the time, either consciously or unconsciously, to create what we would love to have in our lives or something else.

What are you thinking?  What thoughts are you having that occupy your mind all the time?  Are they thoughts that you can achieve your goals and it will be easy this time? Or are your thoughts that “…it’s never worked before and why would it this time…?”

Start to notice what your predominant thoughts are.  Are they empowering or disempowering?  Are they in alignment with the life you want to be creating?

A great way to start is to notice what are your first and last thoughts of the day.  Do you start your day with, “How am I going to get through today?” “I’m so tired” or “It’s going to be a long day.”

We get to create how we want to be during our day, no matter what is going on, and it starts with our thoughts and our attitude.  

I start my day with a saying from my mentor,

“It’s a brand new baby day.”

This reminds me that it’s a new day. I get to (start over – take out) decide what kind of day I am going to have. I am reminded that I can have my day, it’s not going to have me, unless I let it. It also makes me laugh because it sounds silly. I like starting my day with a light energy.

I end my day with,

“Everything is going our (my husband's and my) way”.

This small step makes a big difference.  I am reminded of the power of my thoughts and that I can change them at any time to create a different experience.

Your partner in believing,


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