What If It Could Be Easy?

Today, I have a simple question for you:  What if it could be easy?

“It's going to be hard,” is a phrase I hear all too often. Each time I hear it, I think to myself, “Why would anyone decide in advance that something is going to be hard?”

Maybe they had a negative outcome in the past or something they really wanted didn’t work out the way they planned.

When we predict that something will be hard, we’re setting ourselves up for a repeat experience.

What if it could be easy?

There’s a part of our brain called the reticular activating system (RAS). Our RAS seeks out what we program it to find and filters out everything else.

Think of a time you were going to buy something—maybe it was a new car. You already decided on the make, model, and color; and now—everywhere you go—you see that same car.  Before that, you hadn’t noticed that so many people were driving that car. This is your RAS at work.

If you are focused on how hard something is going to be, then your RAS will seek and find obstacles and difficulties—instead of solutions. You won’t be able to see an easy way.

Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

When you find yourself believing that something is going to be hard, stop and ask yourself, “What if it could be easy?” Stay in that question—what if it could be easy?  See what new ideas come to you.

Then... take action on the new idea. 

Here’s to knowing there is an easy solution for any problem or challenge you might be facing.

To your dream,


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