What to do when you or a loved one has a serious illness.

What to do when you or a loved one has a serious illness.

We all know someone who has received the scary diagnosis, it may even have been you. It’s hard at times like these to not worry and put our attention on all of the what if’s. All the things we don’t want to have happen.

It is at times like these that is more important than ever to be mindful of where we are putting our focus.

The universe reads where you put your attention as your intention. The universe wants to support us so where we put our attention expands. The universe works in a specific way. It’s up to us to learn how it works and then work within those invisible laws. It can’t decipher whether it’s good for you or not.

Life is responding to your predominant thoughts and emotions.

Gravity is an invisible law that we take for granted. We know it’s there and we work within its structure. If we want to move a heavy piece of furniture we don’t think we can flip a switch and turn gravity off. We get help or use a dolly. We work the way gravity works. We want to be doing the same thing with the invisible laws of the Universe. Life will be a lot more fun and easy.

Here are a few steps to take when you have that scary diagnosis or don’t have the vibrant health you’d love to be experiencing.


Create A Vision for Your Health

First, write a vision for the kind of health you’d love to be experiencing. Start with I am so happy and grateful now that… how do you want to wake up every morning, feeling rested, focused, excited about your day? How is your energy through out the day? How is your recall? Does your mind work quickly and effectively? What activities are you able to do? Are you easily able to maintain your ideal weight?

You need to start relating to the person who has the kind of health you described in your vision. You do that by reading your vision every day. Start to feel as though this is what you are experiencing NOW.   We’re telling our unconscious a new story. This is why placebos work. We think we’re taking the cure and we become healthy.

You are also doing what you can with what you have. If you want to run but can only walk a few steps, you take those steps every day and keep increasing them. If your memory is failing you, work with it every day.

Charles and Myrtle Fillmore both suffered lifelong physical ailments and constantly sought healing. Myrtle had tuberculosis which was a death sentence when she lived in the1800s. They heard a lecture by a metaphysician named E.B. Weeks, and Myrtle came away with a startling new idea:

“I am a child of God, and therefore I do not inherit sickness.”

In two years practicing similar spiritual principles she healed her body of tuberculosis. Charles healed a leg that had been damaged since childhood. The Fillmores went on to start The Unity spiritual movement which was based on prayer and the power of mind over body.

We have the power of mind over body too.

How many stories have you heard about people whose doctor told them they had incurable cancer or would never walk again, but here they are still alive or even running?

We need to focus on how we are living now. Not how it might be in the future.

If we focus on the now, no matter what does happen we will have spent our time truly living and enjoying what time we do have here.


Create "Scaffolding Images" for Your Health

Another step that you want to take is to have scaffolding images. These are pictures you imagine in your mind of you living a long healthy life. Create an image two years from now that would signify you are healthy and active. It might be you on a bicycle or at your child’s high school graduation. Now take it out another ten years, maybe you are at your child’s wedding or you just hiked a mountain, your memory is sharp and your body is strong. Give yourself a third image that is another ten years in the future.

Every time you think of your health go to these images.  When you do so, you’re telling your subconscious a new story.

At the same time you're doing what you can to improve your health. You may change your diet, see a doctor and follow their treatment plan. You do this from a worry-free place, from a place of feeling as though the images you created are true.

When you do this consistently, notice how much better you feel and what other options you may attract to improve your health. A friend may recommend a new doctor or you may hear about a new treatment.

We can only attract to us that with which we are in alignment. These steps will put you in alignment with vibrant health.

Here’s to your vibrant health!

Live your dream,

Cyn Hannah

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