What to do when your fear won’t go away?

What to do when your fear won't go away? | Cyn Hannah

What to do when your fear won’t go away?

Have you ever laid awake at night because you can’t stop thinking about something?  Often times that something is exactly what we DON’T want to happen.

I’d like to share with you a process you can use when your fear or negative thoughts won’t leave you alone.

When we are having fearful (critical or disempowering) thoughts – those that are more difficult to replace with positive more empowering ones...

We can make an appointment with our fear at a later date.

Set a specific time and day for your appointment. Do not start or end your day with your fear.

By making this later appointment you allow your mind to relax knowing you will deal with these thoughts and be present in whatever you are doing.

When the time arrives, if you feel the need to keep your appointment, get out a pen and paper and...

Give your fear or negative thoughts a voice.

Write down everything your mind has to say.  This allows the energy to move.  Spend only about 5 to 10 minutes. You don’t want to put a lot of attention on your fear.  You want to shine the light of awareness on it because often these are just phantom fears.

Then ask yourself these questions...

Is this fear valid?

Are these fearful thoughts worthy of such attention or concern?

Is this happening now?

Often our fear is about potential events that haven’t happened and, more importantly, may never happen.

Do I want this to happen? Most likely the answer is no, so stop putting your attention on these thoughts/fears.

Where we put our attention the universe reads as our intention so we are making it more real in the process.

Finally, ask yourself...

Am I doing everything I can with what I have to shape or facilitate a better outcome?

If needed, you can tell yourself that if this negative event did happen, that you and your God will get through it as you have many times before.

As Michael Beckwith said,

“Don’t tell your God about your big problems, tell you problems about your big God.”

I hope this will allow you to sleep better at night and help you stay focused on what it is you do want to create.

In love and support,


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