Your Life Is Like A Garden

Life is like a garden. It may be well taken care of and look beautiful; its flowers may be in full bloom and everything in it may be flourishing. But, if we stop nurturing our garden—if we stop watering it, pulling the weeds and caring for it—the landscape of our garden will change. Our lives are like this.


If I stop eating a certain way or don’t get enough sleep for a few days, I feel the effects and my garden doesn’t look as vibrant. When I am hard on myself or don’t stop my inner critic from talking to me—my bloom wilts a little. 


If I allow my home environment to become disorganized, dirty, or let clutter pile up, it’s like forgetting to weed my garden: sun and water won’t be able to nourish the flowers as effectively. My creativity won’t bloom as well either.


Every so often, we need to trim back the plants—we need  to remove the dead blooms so new growth can occur. Our lives need this, too. Is there something in your life that would benefit you if you let it go? Perhaps it’s an old habit or a resentment.


Where in your life have you been neglecting your metaphorical garden? What’s a step you can take today to change that? Don’t be hard on yourself, just start weeding and watering and watch and see how much you can grow.


To your health and beauty,



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