Outstanding Speaker

Cyn Hannah is a highly sought after speaker. In her talks you'll discover...

  • A proven process for clearly defining and envisioning your dream, so you know exactly what your dream life looks like, and can develop a plan for creating it.
  • A two-pronged approach to tuning into your purpose, so every action you take moves you toward it.
  • Exactly where your resistance lies - and how to dissolve itso you can begin attracting greater abundance and creating better results, more quickly.
  • What ultra-successful people do to achieve extraordinary results, and how to follow that same path to create unstoppable momentum in your own life.
  • The Number One Factor that causes people to lose steam when they're pursuing a dream, and how to override it until you cross that finish line.
  • How to uncover and unlock your greatness, so you can live your absolute best life now.


Dream Big-Dream Bold: Vision Workshop

In this interactive 90-minute to half-day workshop, the audience will participate in a number of exercises designed to give them clarity of what they want to achieve and how to start down the path to their dream life. They will leave with a sense of excitement, motivation and tools they can use now to achieve their goals.

Three Essential Steps to Creating Greater Results with Less Effort

Three Essential Keys for Skyrocketing Your Success

Three Critical Secrets to Living with Outrageous Joy and Purpose in Every Moment

These interactive talks can be presented in 15 minutes to 60 minutes.

The audience will be asked to participate in a few exercises which will give them clarity. They will leave feeling on purpose and with a greater awareness and specific tools  to achieve the results they want.

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What Clients Are Saying

Westley Williams

Owner/Broker, Harcourts Prime Properties in Newport Beach, CA

I've never seen so many people focused in one room, engaged the whole time, laughing and feeling inspired as when I invited Cyn Hannah to train the real estate agents at my office. She was thorough in asking me about our greatest challenges. During her hour-long presentation, Cyn addressed those issues and concerns and I was blown away by her knowledge of her useful information, and real-life examples that back up how it works … and that it does work! My team and I left the presentation feeling good about ourselves, more excited and aligned with our goals, and wanting to talk to Cyn more about how she can help us improve our professional and personal lives.

Teri Bassman

Bassman Blaine

After hearing Cyn on several occasions I invited her speak at the Bassman Blaine Annual Training for their Sales Representatives in the states of California, Nevada, Arizona and Hawaii.


Cyn was professional and easy to work with from start to finish.  She was on time and prepared for all meetings. Additionally, Cyn was thorough in her learning about the Bassman Blaine Company and the needs of the sales representatives.


As expected, Cyn’s presentation was well received.  Her presentation flowed smoothly. It was easy to understand and connect to the concepts.  Everyone was fully engaged with the exercises. The best way to describe the feeling in the room is that most booked a follow up meeting with Cyn.


Later that night, at our company dinner, most of the Sales Representatives thanked me for inviting Cyn to speak.  It felt so good to offer the team something new and meaningful.


We will definitely invite Cyn to come back.

Victoria McDonald

LDA, Ethical Professionals Organizer

Cyn helped my Ethical Professional Group think from possibilities and what we would love, versus what we think we can do and settling. She's a very professional, engaging speaker and had us do one exercise that proved one of her points so emphatically it was hard not to pay attention. We were definitely left with a lot to think about and a lot more of which to be aware. When I first talked with Cyn, she wanted to know about our group, and what everyone's biggest challenges were. She cared that her talk would be relevant to our group. Her talk was definitely the topic of conversation when she was finished. I would love to have her back. In fact, I am referring her to two other groups.

Deborah Castillero

 Business Development Executive, My Jane

I work for an organization that is focused on women, wellness and financial empowerment. We invited Cyn to speak about how not to be in fear. Cyn shared a little of her story making her very relatable and gave specific tools we could all use right away. Her talk was insightful and the women left with tangible action steps to conquer their fears. The feedback from the participants was really positive. Cyn is professional, passionate about helping others and authentic. Additionally, she showed up on time, she was prepared and easy to work with...I highly recommend her.

Julia Alt

President CAOC ASID (American Society Interior Designers)

Cyn Hannah presented a fantastic virtual event with the perfect topic. She shared strategies for accomplishing goals and moving towards our dreams. It was clear that she understood that in speaking with a group of designers, a visual presentation would work best for us. Our programs chair and administrator both enjoyed the planning process with her. Afterward her talk there were a lot of great questions from our group which made the enthusiasm quite evident. She gave attendees a path with actionables. We received a lot of great feedback from our members in regard to her presentation. We would definitely welcome the opportunity to have Cyn speak to us again.