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Have you ever gone to the grocery store without a shopping list? I have. It didn’t turn out very well. To make matters worse, I was hungry, really hungry….

When I got home from the store, I realized I didn’t have any of the items I needed – the reason I went to the store in the first place. I also had purchased a lot of food I usually avoid. Now, these items would be in my home, and I didn’t have much else to eat. It’s hard to eat healthy when you have lots of chocolate and no veggies in the house. Uggh!

This got me to thinking that going to the grocery store without a shopping list is a lot like going through life without a vision. When we don’t have a crystal-clear vision, it’s easy to get distracted and not stay on course. When we don’t have a vision, it’s easy to see the next shiny object and jump over to that. If we do that a few times, it’s hard to gain traction with any new ideas. We can’t move forward.

Most people spend more time planning a weekend trip than they do their lives. This is why we often find ourselves in a job, relationship, or town that we don’t really love or that we have outgrown. We just ended up in the situation, got comfortable, and never asked ourselves if this was what we would love? Often it feels like too much work or too scary to make any substantial life changes.

When we don’t have a grocery list, we don’t know which aisles to go down, and we often just meander around the store feeling lost. This is the way it is in life too. When we don’t have a vision – a direction that we love – we can feel as though we’re meandering and are a little lost. Studies have reported that people are the most satisfied when they are making progress towards a defined goal.

It's the beginning of the new year – a perfect time to create a crystal-clear vision for your life. But how do we do that? How do we know what we want? Life sends us two signals to help us discover our vision.

These are our longings and discontents. Our longings are when we are desiring something we haven’t yet created. Our discontents are when the current circumstances of our lives aren’t something we love. Discontents might be something we would like less of in our life, or perhaps something we wish to get rid of altogether. Our longings and discontents are our catalysts for change. They are signals from life.

After identifying your longings and discontents, ask yourself, “What would be the most desirable outcome of my longings and discontents? What would I love?”

You’re looking for what would bring you the most alive, not what you think you can accomplish.

Grab a pen and paper and get ready to write your “grocery list” of what you would love in all areas of your life. There are four main areas: health and well-being, relationships, time and money freedom, and vocation or creativity.

With the knowledge that you can’t fail, and you won’t be letting anyone down, ask yourself, “What would I love?” See what emerges.

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