Mountain Biking as a Metaphor for Life

Are you a mountain bike rider? I don’t mean that you know how to ride a mountain bike. I'm referring to someone who rides on a single track, into the mountains, and navigates the rocks, roots, trees, and streams.

Even if you said no, you will want to keep reading. There’s a message here for you, too.

My husband and I went on a vacation in Sedona, AZ, to mountain bike ride. I haven’t ridden single track much since I moved away from Idaho nine years ago, so this was a mental challenge for me. As I was riding, I realized that mountain biking is a metaphor for going for your dream. As I tell my story, put yourself on the inside and imagine you're going for your wildly important goal or dream.

For those of you who haven’t been to Sedona, let me set the stage.

This is Sedona – it's a mountain dessert with beautiful red rocks. It has rocky and sandy terrain which makes it slippery and harder to go uphill.

As we ride our bikes – or we are going along towards our dream – at times it can look and seem easy. This day was only 90 degrees, cooler than the day before. I am covered up to protect myself from the sun, not because it's cool outside.

We had a map but we didn’t know which ride to go on. We picked a blue ride even though we had heard Sedona is a technical place to ride. Green is the easiest, then blue, and black rides are the most difficult. I had decided – no black rides. We knew where we were headed but not what the terrain would be like.

In life, we want to have an end destination in mind – we often call this our vision. We don’t know what it will take for us to reach our end destination, BUT we start out.

We picked a blue trail. In life, you pick a dream and a direction not knowing what it will really take to get you there. At times, life seems to be rolling along easily and you can enjoy the view.

And there are those times in life where it feels like a long uphill climb and you wonder if you’ll ever get there. This is when you’ve got to keep going; you’ve got to be persistent and keep taking action steps: keep pedaling.

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On this trail, there were big rocks that were almost like steps that we needed to muscle over while keeping our balance. (It looks much smoother in the picture below than it was.) As you can see. I chose the more difficult path. If I had stayed to the right, it was smoother. I had to keep my balance and focus.

How many times in your life have you picked the rockier road, but you couldn’t see it until you had already made your decision?

When you're on a road that has more bumps and obstacles, you want to keep your focus on where you’re going. When you’re on a mountain bike – as in life – if you focus on the problem or obstacle, you will run smack into it. But if you focus on where you want to go, your tires magically make their way around the obstacle.

It’s the same in mountain biking as it is in life: focus on where you want to go. Focus on where you’re headed, not what may seem to be in your way; no matter how daunting the conditions may seem.

My husband and I are riding and we’re doing the blue and we’re doing okay. We’d been riding up these rocks and we're now on a shelf. I had no idea how high into these rocks our trail would take us; I’m not a fan of heights or drop-offs.

We ran into a couple of hikers and they asked me why I was riding this trail. This wasn’t reassuring to me. One of them said he had given up mountain biking because it's too technical in Sedona. These were not old men.  In fact, they looked quite fit.

As we were talking with them, I noticed a directional with two choices: difficult or extreme. I started to get nervous.

When in your life have you let other's opinions influence you? Perhaps what they said took your confidence away. You start to doubt your ability. You may think you’ve gotten in over your head – all because of what someone who doesn’t dare go for their dream has said.

This happened to me on the trail – I was doing fine until the men questioned me biking this trail and I saw the sign. But here I was. I didn’t want to turn around and go back the way I came even though I knew I could make that trail. The only way through was forward. 

We needed to go all the way around to the point on the far right of the picture before things got a little easier and the shelf wasn’t so narrow. I was decided – this is where you will need to be decided in your life – I’m doing this thing.

In life you want to remember to celebrate your wins along the way. Celebrate that you kept pedaling even when you were scared and didn’t want to continue.

When you are going for your dream, remember life is like mountain bike riding:

  • Know where you want to end up.
  • Focus on where you’re going – not the obstacles.
  • Don’t listen to other’s opinions about what you can or can’t accomplish – trust yourself.
  • Decide you’re doing this thing and keep pedaling.
  • Celebrate your wins along the way.

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