Time to Step Into Your Greatness

It was two days after the death of my son. It was a Sunday morning. I was sitting in church feeling oddly inspired. I believe inspired thoughts come to us or through us, they’re not from us. I believe they come from God, spirit, the universe, infinite intelligence, life; whatever you want to call it. That morning, I was having inspired thoughts. It was as though they were being downloaded into my head. I had a clarity and a calmness that seemed out of place considering the circumstance.

The first thought that came to me was that the death of my only child had to mark a profound change in my life. It couldn’t just be, here’s my life with Dex and here’s the same life, only without him. Have you ever had that knowing or desire that it’s time to make big changes in your life or take what you’re doing to the next level? And if you don’t make those changes, you’ll be disappointed in yourself and possibly your life?

At that time, I wanted to be a Life Coach. But I allowed those voices in my head that said, “Who do you think you are?” and “What will people think?” stop me from pursuing my passion and what I knew was my calling—my purpose, really. Have you ever heard similar voices in your head? We often believe the voices are true and let them stop us.

The thought came to me that with the death of my son, my greatest fear had already happened; so what did I have to be afraid of now? All the fears and all the reasons I had for not moving forward didn’t seem big anymore. In fact, they didn’t seem important at all.

What fears are stopping you from doing what you really want to do? It could be to get in the best shape of your life, but you’re afraid you may fail. Perhaps it’s to open your heart and be vulnerable with someone and experience a true connection. Or maybe it’s to change careers to a job you know you would love and that wouldn’t feel like work. When we have a deep yearning for something that we would love to be doing, that’s life saying, “Come this way. Come this way.”

If you don’t know what you would love, pay attention to your longings and discontents. What do you want more of and what do you want less of? Notice what you’re doing when time goes by quickly and when you feel the most alive. Your life force will never lie to you.

Sitting in church that morning I realized that life is short, even if we live until 90... and there’s no guarantee. I asked myself, “How do I want to spend the rest of my time here?” The answer was clear: Doing what I love. I love feeling on purpose and as though I am making a difference in others’ lives.

What would you want your life to look and feel like if you could be living any life? What would you love?

My son had been big on walking through his fears. One of the things that was holding me back as a Life Coach was my fear of public speaking. That day in church I decided to honor my son by walking through my fears and speaking at his memorial service. The day of his service was the first time I ever spoke in public. I spoke in front of 500 people that afternoon.

As you can imagine, it was a difficult day. But I knew I would never have that moment and that way to honor my son again. Even if I couldn’t utter a single word, I would at least know that I had tried.

What is the biggest fear holding you back? And what if you decided it was time to walk through it? How different might your life be?

What if you decided to not listen to those voices in your head and to take one small step in the direction of your goal—and then another and another?

The words that came to me while sitting in that church were, “It’s time to start stepping into your greatness, whatever that is for you.”

What would your greatness look like?

If every day we decide to be a better version of ourselves than we were the day before, how far might we go? If you’re driving in your car and you change your direction by one degree, and you go a long enough distance, you will end up in a completely different place. What if we stretched ourselves by just one degree every day?

My son and I would have great discussions. During one of these, he said to me, “Mom, if you want to be a life coach, you need to do it as though your life depends on it. If you aren’t successful within one year, you will die. If that were true, what would you do? You would do whatever it would take! So, go do that now!”

I thought about those words. I knew I wasn’t doing everything I possibly could to live my dream. What about you? Are you taking every action step you can to reach your dream, or do you let yourself slide? We only have one go around in this incarnation. What do you want to do with the rest of your time on this earth?

I’d like to invite you to start stepping into your greatness—whatever that is for you. As my son said, do it as though your life depends on it.  Because it does: It does for the life that you would love to be living.

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