I'd love to support you in living your dream.

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Life Mastery

This six-month group teaching and coaching course is designed to instruct and support you in six different areas of Mastery:

  • Intention — Accessing the power of your purpose
  • Health — Experiencing the highest expression of well being
  • Abundance — Living from connection with Source
  • Manifestation — Developing the art of co-creating
  • Love — Fostering authentic relationships
  • Transformation — Navigating the terrain of greater possibilities

And as you apply each week’s lesson, you’ll learn the skills and abilities that will give you Mastery of that area in your life.

Elite Circle

Your Dream Life is waiting for you and this is the program to help get you there. This six month long intimate group coaching program provides everything Life Mastery offers with so much more. In addition to the powerful teaching and laser coaching you receive in Life Mastery, you join me along with up to 5 other highly committed, mastermind partners for a much deeper level of support for your dream. Together you grow your understanding and application of the Laws of the Universe and support one another in taking daily steps toward the life of your dreams.

This program is by invite only.

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Private VIP Coaching

This is my most exclusive way to work with me.  

I have a few one-on-one coaching slots available for those who are passionate, driven, and dedicated to making their dream a reality.

If you’re willing to do whatever it takes, challenge your current level of thinking, step outside your comfort zone, and invest in yourself and your future, this may be your next right step.

What Clients Are Saying


Hi Cyn, I have really, really enjoyed you, working with you and I have learned so much about myself and I have accomplished more than I could ever have imagined. You are an awesome coach and believe our time together was meant to be.

Thank you for believing in me. Love, Karen

Rona G

Interior Design Company

Before I started working with Cyn, my life felt like nothing was working out… I was coming out of a second failed marriage and working tirelessly on my business.  I was struggling. I felt like I couldn’t do anything right. The worst part was I felt I was failing my young son.


Working with Cyn been life changing. She has given me the tools to transform my life. My business went from struggling to three full time employees and two-part time. My annual gross sales went from $300,000 to $1,000,000 in a little over a year. I am a homeowner for the first time. My business is continuing to grow and have more and more success. I have a sense of calmness and peace that I have never felt. I am able to handle things differently.

Paige Lee

Boise, Idaho

When I started working with Cyn I was not in a good space. My son and only child died 6 years before, and while I had healed my grief in so many ways, I found that I was bored with my life... unmotivated...depressed...not knowing how to move forward. I started and stopped the work I wanted to do many times over the past 6 years. When I realized what my dream is, and accepted it, everything changed! Everything started to flow.


Throughout working with Cyn I learned so much, especially the tools to rewrite the paradigms (fears) that have kept me from my dream for so long. I have now opened a Healing Center office where I offer programs to help people heal from grief with Reiki & Energy Healings.


My life has changed dramatically. I have lost weight, I quit smoking and I am not bored, unmotivated or depressed anymore! My business is doing well and I am excited. I am the woman I always knew I could be. My fears don't hold me back anymore.


I recommend working with Cyn to anyone who wants to live a fuller, richer life. Cyn is inspiring, knowledgeable, professional, and she walks the talk.

Curtis Slater

I feel obligated to express my sincere gratitude for the encouragement and foundation you provided for me in creating a vision for my life.


I achieved my number one goal of graduating with a degree in interdisciplinary studies, with an emphasis on communications and business.


I am now the Director of Automotive Branding, leading a team of 6 people. This one amazes me the most, because with Cyn’s help to visualize this outcome, I literally manifested my own position, and was able to hire two additional designers, and two project managers to my team. Even more impressive, was I got exactly the salary I asked for.


I learned a lot about overcoming my paradigms. Delay….Delay…Dissuasion…Dissuasion…!


Cambridge, UK

After the death of my only child, my life lacked meaning and purpose. I knew I wanted to help other parents out of the abyss through re-establishing a connection with their child.


It was always an intention and a nice thought but I never did anything about it.


Since coaching with Cyn I have finally got moving. My first retreat is scheduled and planned. I have started to write my book - another intention that I never quite started.


With Cyn’s guidance and gentle coaxing and following the principles she teaches I have turned ideas into actions and am getting results. I am now excited about life and my new venture.

Maggie H

Mortgage Broker & Former Assistant Vice President, Relationship Manager, Zions Bank

Before enrolling with Cyn I was lacking self-confidence and had no excitement for life. I am now on fire. Because I started to put myself out there more and was being positive I have so many new clients. My business has taken off. Then “out of the blue” I was offered my dream job. I love the people I work with, I have freedom and flexibility and my income is unlimited. In my old job I had 5 areas of responsibility but loved only one of them. My new job is just the one area I love.


I had also let my social life dwindle but with my new confidence and zest for life I am now entertaining at my home and enjoying my friends again. I have even lost weight. One day in an exercise class I saw myself in the mirror and thought I love what I see. That was a monumental feeling for me.


I can’t recommend Cyn enough. She knows and lives the material and is very good at helping everyone find their way.

Dr. Amy

Newport Beach, CA

When I first started working with Cyn, I felt stuck in a toxic work environment. I had been extremely unhappy for several years and as a result of that had become emotionally closed off from my co-workers and my family.


With Cyn's help, I found the courage to leave that position 6 months ago and have now started my own business. I am invigorated by the process of truly designing a life I would love. I am having fun partnering with my husband who has helped with various aspects of my business. I take time to have fun with my children again. I have built a team that I trust and respect. But even more, I am trusting myself and my instincts again. I have also been able to do some deep healing work to address betrayals from my past so I can move forward with success in my new endeavor.


I found Cyn to be amazingly relatable and supportive. I feel she has helped me achieve greater insights into myself and my triggers that I had not previously been able to see despite prior work with psychologists in the past. She is also my accountability partner who helps keep me on track towards my dreams. It has been a tremendous gift to have her support!

Rick Ballreich

Newport Beach, CA

Working with Cyn Hannah as my Life Coach has been a life changing experience. After selling a successful business and approaching my 65th birthday I realized I had no clear vision as to what I wanted to achieve.


I will never forget when Cyn asked me “what would you love” a simple question, for which I had no clear answer. So, the journey began for me.


Cyn is an excellent guide clearly pointing out where my old patterns (many of which I was unaware of!) were influencing my life in the present. I found that the methods of replacing these were very effective. Her compassionate, insightful coaching enabled me to move my life forward in ways I couldn’t imagine before. I also appreciate that this program is rooted in real world methods proven effective in producing results for decades.


Cyn is a true professional who despite years of experience pursues an extensive continuing education program, studying with some the most well-known and recognized individuals in their fields. This is a tremendous benefit to her students; we receive the most useful and result oriented information on a weekly basis.


If you want to feel the sheer joy of living, recover your health or grow your business this is a program that will lead you (if you are willing) to a Life You Love.

"It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

Nelson Mandela