The Powerful Tool of Perception

“Don’t sweat the small stuff” is a phrase we all heard growing up. But what if the small things bother you more than you think they should?  When you feel crabby at the slightest thing, even when it feels justified, wouldn’t it be so much better if your day wasn’t interrupted with emotional upheaval?

Luckily, we all have the mental faculty of perception—which we can use any time we choose. As I was reaching for a plastic cup in my kitchen recently, I was reminded just how powerful the mental faculty of perception can be.

You see, there’s a plastic cup I use often and its designated place is on the top shelf of our cupboard. I can reach it when it sits in its perfect spot at the front of the shelf. My husband, who is a wonderful man, will put it farther back on the shelf where it’s hard for me to reach. He is eight inches taller than me, and although I’ve asked him to put it closer to the front, he often forgets.

You may wonder why I don’t just move the cup to a lower shelf; but the rest of the shelves are perfectly organized with our daily dishware.

When this first started happening, I would get irritated. I would jump to try to reach the cup or grab a kitchen utensil to move it towards the front. I got curious about why I was getting so frustrated by such a small thing and I realized it was bringing up unhealed feelings of “I don’t matter.” It had nothing to do with my wonderful husband.

Even with this awareness, I would still feel some irritation. To help me overcome my feelings of being upset, I changed my perception. Now when I reach for this cup, I feel gratitude that my husband is helpful and empties the dishwasher. I also see it as an opportunity to stretch my shoulder, which has a past injury of a partial tear and frozen shoulder.

Shifting my perception made all the difference.

I have used the tool of shifting my perception for many events and on many occasions. It has always served me well.

Is there a small irritation or something bigger in your life that might be healed by a change in perception? Would a simple shift change how you view it or how you feel about it?

What’s one shift in your perception that you could make right now that will improve your day?

Let me know what it is.

Here’s to living your dream,


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