Glean The Gold

Soon it will be 2019!!!!.  Before we close out 2018 let’s take a look at our past year to glean the gold.

Often times we tend to remember the things that didn’t go well or that were frustrating.  We need to change that pattern or habit.  We want to  put our attention on all the wins we did experience. This new habit will start to imprint the feeling of success within us.  Remember, where we put our attention expands. If its negative, the negative will dominant.  If it’s the positive, the positive will dominant.

First, write a list of all your achievements and wins.  A win could be that you took a big bold step, regardless of the outcome but that you took that step. Or you were present for someone when they needed a friend. It doesn’t matter the size of your win.

Celebrate your achievements.  This is a practice we want to do daily.  We need to take a moment to say “at-a boy” and to acknowledge our wins, in this way we feel successful and are putting our attention on success.

Next, review an outcome you wish had turned out differently, and look at it with only curiosity.  Do not “beat yourself up”.  From a state of curiosity, look at how you could have performed differently with a better result. Glean the gold.

Finally, reread your win list and from this inspired state write down your goals and vision for 2018.  Know that this is not about the “goals” - even though they are rewarding to accomplish -  it’s really about growing. The real gift is who we become in the process. If we don’t need to stretch to be able to hit our goals, they’re not big enough.

Dare to dream big and boldly.

Live your dream,


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