You Can Live a Life You Love

What would you love?  What would you really love to do, be, have, or experience in your life?

When you ask yourself that question, what do you hear yourself saying? Maybe you think... I could never have that... I must be realistic... I’ve got to be practical... or, how would I accomplish that?

If you allow those voices to stop you from moving towards what you would really love in life, you will never live to your full potential. You will be destined to live a status quo life.

I know you were meant for more.

I know that each one of us is far more powerful, and contains more potential, than any circumstance, situation, or condition we may be facing.

What would you love your life to look and feel like in the area of your health and wellbeing? Your relationships? Your vocation or creativity? Your time and money freedom?

Go ahead and write it down. Be bold and dare to dream big! Don’t listen to the voices that tell you why you can’t have what you want. Don’t consider how you will accomplish it—stay in the question of “what would I love?” and write it down.

Next, ask yourself, “What is one thing I could do that would move me in the direction of my dream?” What ideas come to mind? Write them down, too.

Next, put the action step in your calendar so you know when you will take that next step.

Rinse and repeat your way to your vision.

It really can be that simple.

Here’s to you living your dream,


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