Is Fear Holding You Back?

We’ve all had inspired ideas, ideas that will bring in a bigger life than we are currently living.  We may have had an idea to write a book, start a business, move to a new area or to find a job that suites us better.

Have you ever had the experience of being excited about these inspired ideas?  You feel as though you could actually do this. You know your life could be so much fuller and more rewarding.  
Then what happens?  You start to think, or rather, your “stinking thinking” takes over.  “Who would want to read my book anyway? I don’t have time for this? What was I thinking? I can’t do that. My current job is just fine. I should be happy with what I have.  What if I fail?  What if I lose what I already have?  What if I look foolish?”

Our fear has taken over.

There are three primary fears:
1. “We’re not enough.”  This encompasses any insecurities we may have.  Fear that I’m not smart enough, pretty enough, liked enough, talented enough, old enough, rich enough, young enough.  I’m not…fill in the blank.  
We as a species stay in the helpless state longer than any other animal.  At a young age most animals in the wild are not dependent on their mothers to survive. Newborn horses walk right away and other animals in the wild are foraging for their food within weeks.  We are dependent on our parents for years. We have a survival instinct, so the belief that we’re not enough and our parents don’t love us, we’ll die. This is hardwired in us.  
If we try something new it could mean we won’t be accepted, especially if we fail.  Someone may not approve of our decision and we won’t be loved. 

The truth is we are enough because we are connected to an infinite source of power.


2.Fear of loss.”  We are afraid if we try something new we’ll lose something that matters to us.  If we start a new business we’ll lose our benefits and security.  If we enter into a relationship, we will lose our freedom. If we go after our dream, we’ll lose time with those that matters the most to us. Or we’ll lose the reputation of being successful.

3. “Fear of pain.”  If I go after something new I may experience some kind of pain -  pain of criticism,  ridicule or failure.   

 Here are five truths about fear.  Being aware of these truths will help you move through your fear:
1. Fear will never go away as long as you are
2.  The only way to stop fearing something is to do it.
3.  The only way to feel better about yourself is to face your fear. 
4.  You’re not the only person facing fear.
5.  Pushing through fear is ultimately less frightening than living with the ongoing fear.

Is it a possibility that you could pour everything into your dream and not have it happen?
Yes, that is a possibility.   
When you are on your death bed do you want to be looking back thinking “I gave it my all and I came up short.”  Or do you want to be lying in a bed of regret wondering “what if?”

I’d rather be in the bed that gave it my all and I have stories to tell from along the way.

Stare down your fear or the dark and then look to the light.  Know that you are not alone. Know that you and your higher power will figure this out.

Know that you will have to face your fears to achieve your goals-it’s all a part of the process. Because in the end who you have become is the real gift.  

We are always faced with this decision:  “do we create or do we wait?”
There is always something in us that is calling us to expand and to grow, calling us to create. At the same time, we have fear that will say what if…. and let’s wait because now isn’t a good time or let’s not chance it.

We can choose to listen to the voice of inspiration and not the voice of fear.  

What voice will you be listening to today?

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